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Enjoy Mesh Office Chairs

The New model Enjoy Mesh Office Chair with headrest is designed and made with the total comfort of human-kind in mind. The Enjoy ergonomic chair fuses art and science with flex zones that ensure constant support of back and lumbar, multi-dimensional adjustable arm rest for unparalleled support and a height-adjustable pivoting headrest for full crane support. The Enjoy ergonomic mesh office chair was designed specifically for those who are in an office chair for 8 hours a day, and require “intensive use seating” to keep comfortable for long periods of time. Aesthetics, form and function allow this ergonomic chair to utilise a synchro tilt mechanism with 3 position lock, sliding seat and pneumatic height adjustment all in one very unique single lever control lever.

Enjoy specification:

* Enjoy mesh chair with five star polished aluminium base.
* New sleeker, improved mechanism
* Full Synchro movement.
* One single lever control which means all chair adjustments can be carried out using one lever
* Breathable comfortable mesh seat and backrest.
* Seat height control.
* Seat depth adjustment (seat slide)
* Backrest tilt tension control.
* Backrest tilt angle adjustment.
* Backrest height adjustment.
* New design armrests with soft polyurethane pads.
* Armrest height & angle adjustment.
* Headrest height & angle adjustment.

Enjoy ergonomic office chair available in Black Mesh. The New Enjoy mesh office chair also available with headrest.

Enjoy Mesh Office Chair
Enjoy Mesh Office Chair
Enjoy Mesh Office Chair with Headrest - Orange Mesh
Enjoy Mesh Office Chair with Headrest
Enjoy Leather Office Chair with Headrest
Enjoy Leather Office Chair with Headrest

The Ergonomic Office Revolution

If you know anything about office furniture, you’ll know that we’re now in the world of ergonomics. In a nutshell, this means making the office environment fit you. It means looking at your personal working space, your job responsibilities and also your body frame measurements and weight, to get the ‘best for you’ as regards to working conditions.

‘Getting it right’ will cover space, light, noise and overall sitting comfort:-

Space. A good ergonomic layout will mean that your work system is organised in such a way that you don’t have to carry heavy weights over long distances, you don’t have to overly stretch and you’re not working in cramped conditions etc..

Light. Good daylight is important and, where this isn’t possible, good simulated daylight is the next best thing. Knowing what type of lighting to buy for your office space is essential. Also bear in mind that a lot of light comes from your computer screen and this is going directly towards your eyes, which isn’t a good thing, as good light should always come from over your shoulder. I would always advise getting a filter screen for your computer, to reduce that ‘sunlight’ effect which really is too bright.

Noise. We now often hear of noise pollution and, in a busy office, pollution is often the case. For example, how often have you had to speak with call centre staff and can’t hear what your contact is saying as clearly as you can hear her colleagues? In that modern-day office, false walls in the form of screens are often used, to give that feeling of private space and to somewhat reduce the effect of the overall noise.

Overall Sitting Comfort. When it comes to seating, always look at ergonomic office chairs, as these are designed to offer many adjustments, making the chair of your choice match your overall needs. The Ergohuman range has several models, like the Ergohuman, the Ergohuman Plus, the Mirus, Enjoy and the Nefil. Spend some time finding out what these chairs offer. The features include seat tilt and glide, seat height, adjustable armrests, a lumbar support region and many other useful features and there are also additional extras, such as a headrest, a leg rest and a note table. Knowing what your job responsibilities ask of you will help you decide which of these additional extras are necessary.

Overall. An ergonomically-friendly environment makes work a pleasure and the day less stressful. It’s like any job, a bad workman always blames his tools, so getting the environment right for you means success all round.

It’s simply ergonomics.

Being Proud of your Ergonomic Office Chair

We live in a designer world, where a dress is no longer a dress but a Stella McCartney number, a suit is a Versace and a car is referred to as the Porsche or some other ‘to die for’ brand name on four wheels.

So, why shouldn’t you refer to your own ergonomic office chair as a Nefil, a Mirus or a Ergohuman?

Why not?

Okay, it’ll be ‘out of the norm’ but think of the good advice you’ll be imparting to your family, friends and colleagues.

What I’m saying is – there’s an office chair but then there’s an ergonomic office chair and, unlike the designer ‘must haves’ mentioned earlier, a good ergonomic office chair doesn’t cost the earth.

When talking about cars, a firefighter friend told me that there are certain cars which stand up better to accident damage (e.g. the Alexis) and the same can be said for your office chair. Some will simply be office chairs, while others will give you support and protect your frame from the rigours of the day.

So, if you are shopping for your own ergonomic office chair, start (and, might I add, finish) with the Ergohuman range. Of the three I have already mentioned, all have those important adjustments, like seat height, seat tilt and that all-important lumbar support section, meaning the design isn’t ‘off the peg’ but made to measure, for you, whoever you are.

You can also go for additional extras, like a headrest and a leg rest, so think the whole picture when you are deciding what’s right for you. What does your job entail?

The duties of your job might make certain features more important to you. For example, that seat tilt. If your job means you are up and down all day long, a forward tilt will actually aid you in standing up, taking some of that pressure of your legs which normally comes from getting up from a more horizontal position.

Office Chair with Leg Rest
Office Chair with Leg Rest

Once you’ve chosen the right model for you, you can move on to choosing the right colour and the Ergohuman range do much more than black and blue. I’d go for a subtle autumn shade and I’d choose a mesh upholstery, as it’s durable, comfortable and easy to care for.

Are you starting to get the picture? You know, shopping for an ergonomic office chair can be more fun than shopping for something to wear. With the right advice and professional support, you won’t be thinking of taking it back the next day.


Mirus Office Chair

The latest addition to the Ergohuman chair range, the Mirus chair boasts the ingeniously simple single lever control which operates the three most frequently
used chair functions. Seat height, seat depth and back tilt can all be operated
from a single point of contact.

Mirus Office Chairs Head Rest
Mirus Office Chairs Head Rest

The design concept of the Mirus chair also incorporates a multi-directional
interactive neck roll which can help to relax tired neck and shoulder muscles. The
3-dimensional automatic flexible lumbar support system provides full support to
the lumbar region with interactive and dynamic movement, intuitively adjusting
to your needs. A ‘zero pressure’ seat cushion helps to distribute weight evenly across the seat pad to provide maximum comfort.

Mirus Office Chair 3D Headrest
Mirus Office Chair 3D Headrest

The Mirus chair is 98% recyclable, has Greenguard Indoor Air Quality certification
and meets EN 1335. Available in a choice of white and aluminium frame, black
and aluminium frame or all-black frame with a mesh back and fabric seat, the
colour combinations are contemporary and exciting.

Mirus Office Chairs
Mirus Office Chairs

The Mirus Mesh Chair is available in three frame finishes – white, black and
polished aluminium/black; with the choice of the unique MD-flex
headrest, adjustable 3D headrest or headrest-free, combined with an
extensive selection of coloured mesh and fabrics creating an almost
unlimited variation to suit your requirements.

Mirus Mesh Office Chair
Mirus Mesh Office Chair Flexible Lumbar Support


Simply Ergonomic was delighted to take part in the latest Channel4 series “You Deserve This House” with a bright orange Ergohuman chair for Christine Anderson, charity volunteer of the Cheetahs wheelchair sports club. Christine used to have a basic leather chair with fixed arms and no lumbar support, she is now the proud honor of a comfortable Ergohuman chair matching her new contemporary home office.

Will Amanda Lamb and her team of volunteers from the disabled sports club be able to secretly complete the home redecoration of Christine Anderson in Thornton, Lancashire?

Christine voluntarily runs the Cheetahs wheelchair sports club, where disabled and able-bodied children can play wheelchair sports.

But while she jets off on a luxurious spa break, some of the parents and children she has helped get to work making-over her conservatory, bedroom and office as a well-deserved surprise for her return.

Ergohuman Orange Mesh Chair as seen on TV
Ergohuman Orange Mesh Chair as seen on TV


You Deserve this House 9 (series-1, episode 9) was shown on Thursday 8th of March 2012 at 11h00am.
The episode is currently available for viewing on 4 OnDemand.

Ergohuman Office Chair
Ergohuman Office Chair

Ergohuman Orange Mesh Office Chair from Simply Ergonomic

Ergohuman Chair

Ergohuman Ergonomic Mesh High Back Office Chair
The Orginal Ergohuman Office ChairErgohuman ergonomic office chair high back mesh. The future is Ergohuman– designed and made with the total comfort of human-kind in mind. The Ergohuman office chair fuses art and science, with flex zones that ensure constant support of back and lumbar, multi-dimensional adjustable arm rests for unparalleled support and a height-adjustable pivoting headrest for full crane support.The Ergohuman chair was designed specifically for those who are in an office chair for more than eight hours a day, and require Intensive Use Seating to keep them comfortable for long periods of time. Aesthetics, form and function allow this ergonomic chair to utilize a synchro tilt mechanism with infinite lock, sliding seat, pneumatic height adjustment, automatic lumbar support system, Height and angle adjustable arms and headrest all in one very unique ergonomic chair.


Ergohuman Chair Specification:

  • One Lever Adjustment
  • Seat Tilt
  • Seat Height Control
  • Seat Depth Adjustment
  • Backrest Tilt Tension Control
  • Backrest Tilt Angle Adjustment
  • Backrest Height Adjustment
  • Armrest Height Adjustment
  • Armrest Angle Adjustment
  • Headrest Height & Angle Adjustment
  • Available in Black Mesh Only
  • Outstanding 10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee
  • Delivery 3 working days
View the Ergohuman Mesh Office Chair RangeView the Ergohuman Leather Office Chair Range
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The Ergohuman chairs feature all the adjustability features you expect from a high quality, ergonomically designed chair. Special features include the ability to pivot the arms in and out so they support your forearms when you need it, a headrest that adjusts up and down to cradle your neck, especially when reclining. An adjustable lumbar support snuggles your lower back. With the exception of the headrest, all models have identical features..


Ergohuman Seat Height Adjustment

Seat Height Adjustment

While sitting in your chair, push the height adjustment lever backward to move your chair up and down. This lever is located on the right side of the seat pan (first lever from the front) . To raise it, reduce the amount of pressure you are applying to the seat pan by standing up off the chair slightly. Move the lever forward to lock your chair in its new position. The best seat height is different for each user, making the seat height adjustment function one of the most important when it comes to the providing proper support for your spine. It is recommended that each user adjust their chair height so that their knee angle can maintain a 90° angle with the underside of your upper leg, Your feet must be laying flat on the floor for it to be considered ergonomically correct.

Backrest Tilt Tension Control

Backrest Tension Adjustment

Turning this knob clock-wise or counter clock-wise will either make it easier or harder for you to tilt back and forth in the chair. The Ergohuman chair was designed by using a very smart synchro tilt mechanism discovered through the principle of ergonomics. For every 2.7° of tilt backwards, the seat pan will tilt up 1°.

Seat Depth Adjustment

Seat Depth Adjustment

To adjust the depth of your seat pan, move the seat depth lever back. This is the second lever located on the right side of the seat pan. Move your seat pan so that your haunch is full on the Ergohuman chair seat and your waist is completely crutched. The inturn of your knees should never touch the seat pan brim. The Ergohuman allows you to sit on only the comfortable mesh and aviod all contact with the chairs frame. The seat depth function allows the Ergohuman to fit a wide range of people. No need to shop for so many different sizes of (A or B) chairs, this is a one-size fits all.

Backrest Tilt Angle Adjustment

Backrest Angle Adjustment

While sitting in the Ergohuman chair, push the backrest angle adjustment lever forward to recline the backrest. The lever is located on the left side of your seat-pan. The backrest has three locking positions while using its innovative synchro-recline feature. There is a total of 15° of forward and back movement. This feature is great for computer users who are in an office chair more than 8 hours a day. Allow yourself to find a comfortable reclined position and provide relief to the pressure on your spine. You can also keep the tilt lock un-locked and let chair move freely forward and back.

Backrest Height Adjustment

Backrest Height Adjustment

While sitting in the chair, you are able to adjust the entire backrest up and down. Simply reach around and grasp the two levers that lock the backrest into its four different positions. The Backrest has a total of 6 cm of up and down movement. Find an area that places the lumbar support cushion in the best supporting position for your lower back. It is recommended that the best seated position for the average computer user is one that will allow the 3 – 4 vertebra to be supported by a good amount of lumbar support. The Ergohuman chair lumber support allows you to sit slightly forward on its seat while still maintaining a good deal of lumbar support with its automatic flexing lumbar support system. The mesh on the lumbar support area creates superb comfort..

Headrest Height and Angle Adjustment

Headrest Adjustment

While sitting in the Ergohuman chair, you are able to adjust the headrest up or down by holding the underside of it. There is a total of five different height positions, providing the user 5 cm of up and down height adjustment. The user is able to adjust the headrest angle by simply turning or pivoting the headrest around its permanent axis. There are three headrest positions available, providing a total 15° of adjustable range. The headrest provides each user the most comfortable angle required to hold their head up naturally. This then allows you to relax your neck and helps to reduce the fatigue you would normally experience while sitting in an office chair for many hours.

Armrest Height Adjustment

Armrest Height Adjustment

In order for users to keep their elbows in the recommended 90° degree position, the Ergonomic armrests move up and down to 10 different positions, with a total of 10 cm of up and down armrest movement. The height adjustability function provides the proper arm posture while seated. It is recommended that every user is able to rest their arms naturally in the correct 90° position, and allow the surface of your armrests to be no higher than 1inch to your elbows. This helps to reduce the strain put on users shoulders throughout the working day.

Armrest Angle Adjustment

Armrest Angle Adjustment

While placing your elbows on the Ergohuman chair arm pads hold the head of the arm pad. You are then able to adjust each arm pad inward and outward. Each armrest has a total of three overall locked positions, and will provide you with 16° of adjustability. The Ergohuman chair multi-dimensional armrests provide great support for your forearms. While typing at a computer, the Ergohuman chair will alllow your arms to be fully supported, while still maintaining the most natural typing position. This function allows you to type with full arm and shoulder support.

Ergohuman Plus Office Chair